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The architect, the builders and challengers. The persecuted, the traveller, the prophetess and myrrh carrier. The apostle, the visionaries, the activist and the deliverers. Meet them all in the pages of Bold Bible Girls, where Lauren takes you on a journey in to the lives of overlooked Bible girls. With a vision to inspire young girls to see themselves as competent and strong, this book is a blessed gift for the young visionary. Accompanied by a devotional section, this book aims to bring mothers and daughters together, to reflect on the examples and themes in the lives of these Bible girls. This illustrated children’s book brings to life the lesser known girls of the Bible, through biblical accuracy and storytelling.

Lauren paints beautiful portraits of Biblical women who overcame injustice, defeated fear, and transformed nations. She pens inspiration in plain terms, helping girls imagine themselves in God’s epic narrative.
David Joannes
Author of The Mind of a Missionary
What Lauren Jacobs did with the writing of this daily devotional for tween girls, is absolutely spectacular! Together with the unique illustrations, this book promises to be exactly what every girl in this age group needs.”
Aletté- Johanni Winckler
Best Selling Children’s Book Author


Shelamzion dreams of living for a cause. As a Maccabean descendant, her family had defeated the Greeks occupying Judea, and had restored the nation’s independence. But her uncle, the king, rules with greed and selfish ambition, isolating her family from the people. An arranged marriage shatters her dreams of purpose and her longing to marry Yaakov, her tutor. Shelamzion watches her husband, the newly crowned king, continue his fathers reign of tyranny. Lines are drawn, civil war spills blood on to Jerusalem’s streets and Shelamzion is faced with personal loss and the desire to rise up and protect her people. But Yahweh has never chosen a queen to rule over Israel before, so will he do it this time?

Lauren Jacobs as an Ordained Minister, understands the importance of giving a voice to those strong Historical Women – forgotten in the pages of History books. The use of actual timelines for the lives of these characters gives a truly authentic feel that draws you into their world of Ancient History
Guilma Stander
Radio Personality, South Africa
Lauren Jacobs has written an exciting novel, Shelamzion: Queen of Israel, that captures the spirit of the historical Queen Shelamzion and her tumultuous world. It accurately reconstructs the details of her life and times through an engaging narrative that never fails to entertain, and awe the reader.
Professor Kenneth Atkinson
Author and Biblical Scholar, USA


As a daughter of Israel, Yehudit has always loved and trusted in Yahweh, the God of her people. But personal tragedy and the threat of a mighty enemy pose challenges to her faith. God, however, is with her and will use her in her vulnerability to deliver an entire nation from evil.

Yehudit, Chosen by God is a rare book, a historical Christian romance, a devotional message to women, an egalitarian manifesto, and an invitation to follow Jesus.

– CBE International

Lauren pushes us to wrestle with all that goes wrong in our lives and in the world through the lens of faith in a God who is with us even so.

Missio Alliance

Lauren Jacobs’ Yehudit: Chosen of God, takes you back to Biblical times and humanizes the story of Yehudit, “the one who praises God,” better known today by the name Judith. By adding flesh and a contemporary voice to the story, Jacobs brings to life the woman who dared to kill Holofernes, the invading Assyrian commander. As Jacobs says in her epilogue, whenever Yehudit’s story is retold and her brave deeds to save her people are remembered, we are reminded that women today are also called to stand up for their faith with courage and great fortitude.
Rena Pederson
Author of The Lost Apostle and The Burma Spring.
As an artist and author, I stand in awe of the way Lauren has painted pictures with words, words that will hang on the walls of my mind and heart forever. This story has reminded me of how much I am loved and truly known by my Creator and predestined to fulfil my destiny. After delighting in this wonderful story and reliving my own journey through Yehudit, many a tear welled up in my eyes when I remembered my own confoundedness of Gods unfathomable ways. Like Yehudit, we will find Gods never failing love pushing through our pain and hurt, and chasing after our heart always.
Elizabeth Robertson Campbell
Author of The Choice
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