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Lauren’s Weekly News 18 – 25 March 2017 Hey Everyone! So, I wanted a place where I could share one or two new and cool things happening in my heart and in my life. March has been the month of the Heroine Collection Exhibition (check out the very last Tab on the right to read all about it). The exhibition will come down off the walls on Monday and the message that “womens lives matter” has gone out. I’m so grateful to Yeshua for this exhibition. Last weekend, I got a call saying that I have won an award! Wow, the Desmond Tutu-Gerrit Brand Award for a debut author with the best debut Christian novel in 2017. I also did my first voice – over advert for radio, pretty unexpected as I had popped in to share my testimony (will share this date later). My focus point for the next week will be preparing for the month long ministry trip hubby and I are going on for the month of April. Excited & Expectant! These are some of my highlights this week, and if you want to know more or go deeper, sign up to my newsletter below. I send out one every 4 to 8 weeks. Have a Great Week and may Abba’s Grace shine upon you!

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I have been a freelance journalist and writer since 2011. I love writing stories, profiling extraordinary people and sharing truth, poetry and magical stories. This section features my latest contributions and some of my past writing work. Take a look and I hope that one of these articles will be a blessing to you!

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Yehudit, Chosen by God-By Lauren Jacobs

As a daughter of Israel, Yehudit has always loved and trusted in Yahweh, the God of her people. But personal tragedy and the threat of a mighty enemy pose challenges to her faith. God is with her and will use her in her weakness to deliver an entire nation from evil. Accompany Yehudit on her journey from being a young girl defeated by tragedy to becoming a mighty warrior. Along the way, you will discover how the same God who strengthened her can heal your own wounds and shape your destiny. (Also available in Afrikaans.)

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My blog is a small, sanctified space where I share some musing heart beats.

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