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Lauren’s Bi-Weekly News 1 May – 15 May 2019 Hello Friend, So nice to see you! Quick update, amongst all the busyness I am excited to be entering the wonderful month of May. Sure, it’s cold and chilly, clouds are crying outside as I type and the cold winter air is running through the windows, but winter is surely my favourite time of year. There’s a peace and settledness that comes with winter and it calls for resting within and without. I am taking that sense of peace with me in to this busy month, on the 11th of May I am a keynote at a beautiful women’s event for human trafficking. The last weekend in May, I am visiting a young teens camp focused on life skills, literacy and empowerment. I am told there is a lot of toxic masculinity even among our young boys of 12 years old and so I hope to empower them with the truth about girls, and why women should be respected. This week Thursday, 2nd May I start my radio show (so excited I am having sleepless nights). Join me each Thursday at 6pm (South African Time), on 729AM (on the App, or on Radio) you can listen anywhere in the world. I’m tackling social justice issues and realities, all with the desire to dialogue, challenge and create change. Can’t wait to share more! This past April, I have been collaborating, connecting and meeting so many wonderful individuals and I am excited for the future. Stay tuned! Warm Blessings   Lauren    

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I’m outspoken and passionate about the burdens Yeshua has woven in my heart, and I want to always use my voice for hope, truth and change in this generation. This calling is to “go to where the silence is and say something.”

Gender Justice

What if we lived in a world where women and men co – ruled and co – reigned, it’s a dream that was reality, right there in the beginning. My eyes have seen many things, and my heart has become connected with the calling for gender equality. I’m an egalitarian, that’s who I am!


The pen is a weapon, it has the power to overcome, to heal, to wage war and reveal truth. It’s a weapon of warfare, and we have to wield it well. At the cornerstone of my purpose is a calling to write, it burns inside of me.

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Lauren has been a freelance journalist and writer since 2011. Her writing focuses on story-telling, profiling extraordinary people, sharing truth, poetry and magical stories. This section features some of her latest contributions and past writing work. Take a look and we hope one of these articles will be a blessing to you! Lauren is a professional member of PenSa, and is a monthly contributor to Off the Page Magazine and Spice4Life.

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New Historical Fiction Book -By Lauren Jacobs

Shelamzion dreams of living for a cause. As a Maccabean descendant, her family had defeated the Greeks occupying Judea and had restored the nations independence. But her uncle the king rules with greed and selfish ambition, isolating her family from the people. An arranged marriage to her cousin shatters her dreams of purpose and her longing to marry Yaakov her tutor. Shelamzion watches her husband the newly crowned king, continue his fathers reign of tyranny. Lines are drawn, civil war spills blood on to Jerusalem’s street and Shelamzion is faced with personal loss and the desire to rise up and protect her people. But Yahweh has never chosen a queen to rule over Israel before, so will he do it this time?

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Two Hearts, One Heartbeat. His.

Advocating Biblical Equality

Living with the Conviction, Men and Women are Equal in Messiah.

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Proverbs 31:8-9

Passionate Story Telling

To Survive one must tell Stories – Umberto Eco

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Encouraging the pursuit of Creativity.