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Lauren’s Monthly Update – December 2020 Greetings and Blessings It’s been a wonderful December but also a bittersweet one as friends and family friends have tested positive for Covid. Maybe you’ve experienced the same thing this year, and that’s hard to carry. So here’s some little space for us to hold space together, for those who are bravely fighting and for those we may have lost. May God hear our heart prayers. I know in the midst of the hard things in this year, there has been so many silver linings for me. I entered the year with undealt with trauma which inevitably I had to face. Lock down was a catalyst for change, God took me deeper. I met pieces of myself which finally came surfacing once I started healing from the things I was carrying. I’m stronger, bolder, more whole. I might be a whole inch or two taller now, on the inside that is. I’m grateful for this. Personal growth and healing is one of life’s ultimate gifts and part of that self – actualization we talk about in Psychology.  I’ve also enjoyed a good many radio interviews and podcast interviews – I also have some exciting book news to announce in the new year so please sign up to my newsletter to get the podcast links, and to hear all the latest news. The sign up link is at the bottom of this page. Here’s wishing you a beautiful, blessed new year of intention and miracles. Warm virtual hugs! Lauren

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Speaking Out

I’m outspoken and passionate about the burdens Yeshua has woven in my heart, and I want to always use my voice for hope, truth and change in this generation. This calling is to “go to where the silence is and say something.”

Gender Justice

What if we lived in a world where women and men co – ruled and co – reigned, it’s a dream that was reality, right there in the beginning. My eyes have seen many things, and my heart has become connected with the calling for gender equality. I’m an egalitarian, that’s who I am!


The pen is a weapon, it has the power to overcome, to heal, to wage war and reveal truth. It’s a weapon of warfare, and we have to wield it well. At the cornerstone of my purpose is a calling to write, it burns inside of me.

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New Illustrated Children's Book -By Lauren Jacobs

The architect, the builders and challengers. The persecuted, the traveller, the prophetess and myrrh carrier. The apostle, the visionaries, the activist and the deliverers. Meet them all in the pages of Bold Bible Girls, where Lauren takes you on a journey in to the lives of overlooked Bible girls. With a vision to inspire young girls to see themselves as competent and strong, this book is a blessed gift for the young visionary. Accompanied by a devotional section, this book aims to bring mothers and daughters together, to reflect on the examples and themes in the lives of these Bible girls. This illustrated children's book brings to life the lesser known girls of the Bible, through biblical accuracy and storytelling.

Grab a copy of my new book, Bold Bible Girls, Published by Naledi Books.

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Featured Interviews

Creative & Kin Interview

In this episode, Barbara and I discuss the magic and hardship of writing a first book, overcoming self doubt, celebrating your own successes as well as those of others and the fact that there is enough sun for all of us.

She Leads Africa

Forget perfection, embrace what you have to give

What's Her Name Interview

What’s Her Name History podcast is dedicated to telling the lesser known stories of Women from History.

Lauren's Writing Portfolio

Lauren has been a freelance journalist and writer since 2011. Her writing focuses on story-telling, profiling extraordinary people, sharing truth, poetry and magical stories. This section features some of her latest contributions and past writing work. Take a look and we hope one of these articles will be a blessing to you! Lauren is a professional member of PenSa, and is a monthly contributor to Off the Page Magazine and Spice4Life.

Pursuing Yeshua's HeartBeat

Two Hearts, One Heartbeat. His.

Advocating Biblical Equality

Living with the Conviction, Men and Women are Equal in Messiah.

Pursuing Godly Justice

Proverbs 31:8-9

Passionate Story Telling

To Survive one must tell Stories – Umberto Eco

Engaging in Creativity

Encouraging the pursuit of Creativity.