A soft Hand draws the curtain back gently; the thin veil moves softly on the wind. “Oh,” he smiles, “it is you. I was waiting for you to come. Waiting for almost two thousand years. Come, come to the place I have prepared for you. Come and be all that you are, for I died upon the Tree to set you free. Come daughter, I have been waiting for you, waiting for you to want to be all that you can be. Are you ready? The world is waiting and heaven is silent in anticipation. Come along, child, destiny is awaiting.” – Introduction, Yehudit Chosen of God.

The Book of Judith as it is commonly, called is a book found in the Apocryphal collection of Old Testament Literature.When I first discovered the book of Judith back in 2004, I was moved. The book, Judith or Yehudit in Hebrew, was written in a scant fashion, with just a few highs and lows but the woman named Yehudit, she was a woman that spoke to me. Her courage, her bravery, her sacrifice, all of it, it stayed with me. Wonderful and amazing are the ways of Yeshua, did I ever believe I would write Yehudit’s story in to a novel format? Never! In fact, when I did start writing it in 2013, I was in bed, sick and anxious about my future. The comforting arms of my duvet held me for months as I struggled to get better and in the unknown of those few months, God ministered to me, deeply. He changed me and He blessed me with Yehudit’s story, a story I scribed as the Holy Spirit birthed it in to my heart. A year later Father told me to send it to a publisher, and the rest is history. Yehudit’s story was signed and I stood in awe of the power of the God dreams inside of us. It was always my dream to write since I was little, but slowly, little by little God brought me out in to this dream. I am truly excited by the message of Yehudit’s story, it is a message for the world. It is not just a novel, in fact in one way, it is not a novel at all, rather it is a prophetic utterance, a call of God on the souls of women. It is first a deep call for the women of South Africa, a call for us to arise and to face our enemy even through the throngs of an enemy camp and devastation. Yehudit is a story based on truth and birthed in to the atmosphere for this very moment in history. I pray that as you read the lines, as you navigate with her sorrow, her triumph and her pain that you too will be encouraged to pursue purpose. To pour yourself out for Godly passion and to know precious one, that Yeshua is with us in our sorrows, in our highs and lows and that He will truly use it to change lives and nations! He will!


Yehudit, Chosen of God was released in July 2016. It is available in both English and Afrikaans. I cannot wait to share her story with you. I have given you a small taste of the richness of this book, by sharing Yehudit’s cover with you, above. Isn’t she both strong and beautiful! A big part of this website is dedicated to this book and I will be posting a lot about the book, interactive discussions and studies about the book, as well as events and the launch. So if you want to stay up to date with it all, then please subscribe!


At the birth of Yehudit’s story on paper, when I finally held the book in my hand, I sought my Saviour King for His will with this message. I have no interest in promoting something simply because it needs to be promoted, rather I know that these pages have a message in them. A message deeper than I can fathom, as it’s multi – layered and multi – faceted. And as I prayed and committed this work back to its Creator, my heart stirred deeply, slowly at first then louder. Father led me to visit places, connect with people and hear His heart beating wildly in my Spirit. Yehudit’s story has re-ignited a passion I carried for women’s literacy. I have always looked abroad and helped in Egypt and in India, towards women’s education and literacy. Now however, Father is calling my heart home. Literacy is not just about educating women and teaching them to read, it’s teaching them to understand and know that they have a powerful role in this life. They have a single calling for authentic living. They are unique, one of a kind, each individual carries something within them that only they carry. No two people are the same, never have and never will be. I want women to know that, and that Messiah Yeshua is calling to all of us. I know that God’s heart is beating in me to share Yehudit’s story with young women, to encourage and empower them. Literacy, Yehudit’s message has a place for educating women and teaching them about themselves. I am walking with much faith to see this vision realised, halleuYah and as of September 2016 Abba Father opened an amazing door for a part of this literacy vision to be realised.


When I stood on board the charity ship Logos Hope on its first voyage to South Africa, I was amazed at what is called “the world’s largest floating book fair.” I took in the books, snapped pictures and read about the literacy work the Logos Hope does as it moves from country to country. Literacy is something close to my heart and having been involved with literacy programs for women in Egypt, I was of course marvelling at the wonderful things Logos Hope is doing. So when the door opened for me to have my book Yehudit, Chosen by God on board, I was shrieking with joy. The only snag was shipping it to the Logos, but Yeshua is good, so good! He provided a book sponsor (an initial ten books were sponsored) and the entire courier cost was covered (and it was expensive!) When Yehudit was first released at the beginning of August this year, Abba Father laid Literacy on my heart with a very clear message that He would use this book for literacy. I wondered how but am now beginning to see how beautifully and magically He weaves it all together and I believe it has only begun.

I would also love to see your pictures once you have your own copy of the book, please if you do read it, share it with me on Instagram and use #yehuditchosenofgod that way I can say hi and hear what God is doing in your life through Yehudit!

Reviews of Yehudit.

Lauren Jacobs’ Yehudit: Chosen of God, takes you back to Biblical times and humanizes the story of Yehudit, “the one who praises God,” better known today by the name Judith. By adding flesh and a contemporary voice to the story, Jacobs brings to life the woman who dared to kill Holofernes, the invading Assyrian commander. As Jacobs says in her epilogue, whenever Yehudit’s story is retold and her brave deeds to save her people are remembered, we are reminded that women today are also called to stand up for their faith with courage and great fortitude.
RENA PEDERSON, author of The Lost Apostle and The Burma Spring.


From the earliest of time God uses strong women to do His work on earth. This gripping story asks every believing woman to look anew at her own calling and to bravely live it. Let the story of Judith inspire in each of us what God has called you to do specifically to His glory.

CHRISTINE FERREIRA, editor Lééf Magazine

As an artist and author, I stand in awe of the way Lauren has painted pictures with words, words that will hang on the walls of my mind and heart forever. This story has reminded me of how much I am loved and truly known by my Creator and predestined to fulfil my destiny. After delighting in this wonderful story and reliving my own journey through Yehudit, many a tear welled up in my eyes when I remembered my own confoundedness of Gods unfathomable ways. Like Yehudit, we will find Gods never failing love pushing through our pain and hurt, and chasing after our heart always.
Author of The Choice


It was not only a pleasure to get to know Lauren Jacobs as a new author, but also to get to know Yehudit. I walked her road of pain and suffering with her and realised anew that our Abba Father will not leave us.

radio personality


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You were a special treasure for a special purpose. I know you have walked through much suffering to reach this moment, but without that suffering the people you see around you may have perished. God uses the darkness in our lives to give light to others. - Uzziyah, Yehudit Chosen of God