There is no way to shut your eyes to oppression. I believe the closer you walk to the Saviour, the more unjust oppression and injustice, fills your senses. My desire to stand against injustice started with a small seed, a small heartbeat, a small desire to see women abuse overturned. I researched abuse, prayed about it, wrote about it and finally I studied it and became a counselling therapist. But when my life turned from the couch of counselling, to the point of the pen, Yeshua showed me a new way to fight injustice, through writing. I wrote on women abuse for two years before Yahweh our amazing God, crossed my path with the Freedom Exhibition in 2013. The Exhibition travelled across South Africa creating awareness about human trafficking and raising funds for safe houses, through exhibiting and selling art. It was a wonderful initiative and I joined as the resident poet and media person. Being involved with the exhibition, started something new in my life, something that expands beyond what I can explain, on the pages of this website. A year later, Father led me to read about Gendercide. An issue extremely close to my heart! I have written and continue to write loads about gendercide, but when I first read about gendercide, I was traumatised, literally. Gendercide is the routine killing of baby girls in China and in India, these precious girls are aborted through sex selection tests, their lives destroyed simply because they are girls and some cultures favour boys. In China alone over 34 million baby girls have been aborted since the one – child policy was instituted 30 years ago. When I first read about gendercide, I had to turn away because it was too much for me, until God showed up powerfully in a prayer meeting where I was and broke my heart for the pain in His. So many lives lost. That year I connected with a wonderful organisation and I hosted a conference here in Cape Town for gendercide and the following year myself and 12 women, released a book raising funds for the fight against gendercide. I interceded with the thousands who have done so for decades and we saw the one child policy get overturned this year, halleluYah! Isn’t God good! The other issue close to my heart is the issues of child brides, and the lack of education for women worldwide. These issues are huge ones, without education women are left defenceless against abuse, trafficking, abandonment and poverty. I continue to write on these issues and raise the alarm and where I have been able, I support a local safe house, as well as fundraise for these issues and collect goods! Below I would like to share with you some of the articles I have written on these injustices and also, the organisations I work with and support. I only work with Yeshua – centred organisations that proclaim the Love of Messiah and help empower others. I do not believe in humanitarian works that hide the Gospel, for in my experience there is only one thing and one thing alone that sets people truly free and that is the Cross of Messiah. Please read about these issues below and may we stand together to fight injustice!


“More girls are killed in this routine ‘gendercide’ in any one decade than people were slaughtered in all the genocides of the twentieth century.”
William Petrocelli

An Overview of Gendercide 

Why the End of China’s One Child Policy Matters to Me

Over the years I have supported and continue to support

All Girls Allowed Organisation

Thirty seven million girls were routinely aborted over the thirty year period in which China had a stringent one child policy. That amounts to thousands of baby girls aborted every month in China. 

China officially over turned its one child policy in 2016. Chinese families can now have two children, however the journey towards national healing has only just begun. 

Deeply entrenched gender prejudice still holds its grip over China, where the lives of boys are celebrated over the lives of girls. The patriarchal idea that women’s lives are less valuable then men, still remains rooted in the culture, this mindset needs to be overcome if women are to be free. 

It is up to us to speak for her, to speak for the millions of baby girls that never found a voice. It is up to us to help aid healing in broken communities and in places where girls are mistreated because of their gender. They are chosen, they are loved, they are special, and they should be given a chance to thrive.

The Child Bride Epidemic


She holds up her hands to shield her face as they drag her from her home. She digs her feet into the soil, but it’s not enough to save her. She is afraid, a Jephthah’s daughter, about to face a vow someone else made on her behalf. Mourning for her virginity, for choice, for everything that will be taken from her. Her heart is barren, a suffering tomb, never to be loved or valued. A young girl of fourteen, sold and given away. She screams one final time, but it’s not enough to stop them. She will weep, cover her mouth, and cry her silent screams as they take her away.


The Child Bride Epidemic


I support and have written about The Freedom Challenge, which is a wonderful initiative helping at – risk women and children worldwide. It is run by O.M. and climbers from around the world climb Kilimanjaro, Everest and everywhere else, to raise funds for women.

Human Trafficking

“Start where you are. Use what you have.
Do what you can.”
Arthur Ashe


Human Trafficking needs no introduction. With close to 30 million women, children and men living in chains today, the only introduction we need, is the call to pray and do what we can. I want to encourage you to use what God tells you to use and to do only what God tells you to do, when it comes to fighting injustice. Some stories and some realities are so painful, that many experience secondary trauma through simply being exposed to these atrocities. Over the years I have been encouraged to collect clothing, and create connections between people, who fight human trafficking. More recently I hosted a bra drive, to collect bra’s for survivors of human trafficking. Do what you can, and never stop praying!


I support a Local Safe House in Cape Town,

S-Cape Home Cape Town

And a wonderful organisation that collects bras for survivors, bra drives are a really fun and meaningful way to help support survivors!

Free the Girls

Other Issues

Women’s Education.

Two thirds of the 774 million adult illiterates worldwide are women.

Open Doors is an organisation serving persecuted Christians worldwide, I have supported their literacy program, along with my fellow sisters. Together we believe in their literacy program and here is some more information about that, Open Doors Literacy Program

The issues of Female Ritual Servitude

Equality for women, female genital mutliation and abuse are all issues that require prayer and advocacy. I have listed the one closest to my heart here on this page and I hope that together, we can fight injustice and pray powerful prayers for the chains of oppression to come undone!

Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause. Isaiah 1:17