Heroine Collection

Heroine Collection 2017

The Heroine Collection is a collection of 26 photographs chronicling the lives of 13 women from history. The stories you will encounter on the walls of this gallery, are stories that speak to us, stories that call to us, inviting us to take a closer look at our own stories. Historically, women were present in all areas of life, they were there and yet the sands of time have covered over their stories. Their contributions and worth, forgotten or side -lined. This photo journey through their stories, highlight the stellar contributions and lessons we can learn from each one of them.

Some of the women you will meet in this exhibition include the slave abolitionist Hannah More, Hypatia the astronomer and mathematician, Rhoda the slave girl from the book of Acts and Boudica the woman who single-handedly went up against the Roman empire, Ada Lovelace, the Egyptian Pharoah Hatshepsut and many more. Their forms and stories jump from the walls, inspiring us with their presence and strength, pressing us to question our own.

This Collection is the first of its kind in Cape Town, recreating artistic representations of historical women, in a dramatic and unique format.

The exhibition opens on the biblical festival of Esther on Saturday 11th March 2017 at the Boomhuis At Gallery in Stellenbosch and runs until the 27th of March. The exhibition will be open to the public from Sunday 12th March 2017.

About the Curator, Lauren Jacobs is an author, journalist, researcher, ordained minister and gender equality activist. In speaking about her desire to bring to life forgotten women’s stories, she says “God has called me to this and the exhibition will inspire women to seek the heroine in their own story. This exhibition started with a spiritual vision and I knew it was given to me, to give to the world.”

About the Photographer, Tiziana Di Castri from Smudge Photography was commissioned to bring the artistic vision to life.