Mutuality Magazine – Ancient Israel’s Queen of Hearts

Guest Writer, January 2016

The bloody tale of Jezebel’s daughter Athaliah’s rise to power has been used as a model to speak out against female leadership. Time and time again I have heard theologians, bloggers, preachers, and teachers refer to Athaliah’s attempt to assassinate her grandchildren to remain in power as clear evidence that women should not be leaders. Athaliah, they assert, is a typical picture of a woman in leadership: power hungry, blood thirsty, and downright unqualified for any leadership position.

So when God led me to another queen of Israel who ruled in the first century BC, I knew I had to share her story to the world. I spent a year and a half researching this Jewish queen, Salome Alexandra, and another year and a half writing her story. Ancient Israel’s Queen of Hearts