I’m seeking this sacred space right here to reach out to Yeshua’s women, to God’s women. To tell them that He lives, that even in this moment He is alive, right here and right now. God can heal your heart, hold your grief and draw close like an old friend, right in this place. These are not just words, but my deepest conviction. This is something I have seen with my own eyes, from the couch of counselling to the crowds at conferences, when our hearts are open our Messiah comes in. When we are open, He sweeps in lovingly, with kindness and strength. These devotionals all have a place as small sound bites intended to empower, encourage and nurture your spirit being. I’ve spoken across radio stations, in magazines and books, but I’ve prayed for you, I’ve wanted you to be able to stop here, to be refreshed and revived here. So welcome, may one word open up a revelation of truth about your identity and destiny in Messiah, may your current path become clearer and your life, a testimony to His incredible goodness. Welcome dear friend, stay a while….



In some way, we have all been a witness or a participant to someone elses pain. And we wonder about the struggles of pain, we wonder about the how, the why, and we wonder if there is a place for our emotions, somewhere we can pour it out. In the book of Nehemiah we meet him in a place of sadness and despair, but instead of hiding his emotions as we often do, he poured them out in to a place of refuge. He did not hide the pain, he embraced it, that is what this devotional is all about. Embracing the pain and pouring it out in to the Hands of the Ultimate One who is our Refuge.

The Israelites are building the ruined walls of Israel, during a time of great uncertainty. Nehemiah is encouraging the people to take heart and keep strong, and the work progresses steadily. But their enemies rally against them with the weapon of words and words have power! As a therapist who focussed on the reality and consequences of verbal abuse, I take you in to the process of identifying harmful words and knowing how to tell the difference between words that harm from others and words that harm from within.


It is hard to stay faith filled when life sometimes hits us with hard blows and nasty crashes. In those times I often sink in to doubt or fear, despair or weariness. I struggle to remember God’s past faithfulness and His past miracles, that is why I am learning to build an altar of rememberance. In this devotional I take you in to the altar Nehemiah built for his people, it was not an altar of stone, rather it was an altar of rememberance. This is a deep topic, and in each devotional I leave you with soul searching questions that will hopefully guide you deeper in to the Love of Messiah.

We live in a world of severe overshare. Every word we receive, dream we have, or meal we eat is shared on social media, we even seek new experiences just to share them on line! Yet, Nehemiah understood the spiritual discipline of guarding your heart and guarding your vision. He was given a Heavenly vision to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, but he kept it locked up in his heart until the time was right. In this devotional, you will understand why he chose not to share when he first received the word and why we can learn from him, especially when we are nurturing a secret vision.


“If we are to better the future, we must disturb the present” – Catherine Booth

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