Bold Bible Girls

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The architect, the builders and challengers. The persecuted, the traveller, the prophetess and myrrh carrier. The apostle, the visionaries, the activist and the deliverers. Meet them all in the pages of Bold Bible Girls, where Lauren takes you on a journey in to the lives of overlooked Bible girls. With a vision to inspire young girls to see themselves as competent and strong, this book is a blessed gift for the young visionary. Accompanied by a devotional section, this book aims to bring mothers and daughters together, to reflect on the examples and themes in the lives of these Bible girls. This illustrated children’s book brings to life the lesser known girls of the Bible, through biblical accuracy and storytelling.

Published By Naledi

Book Reviews

Anrune Weyers, South – African Paralympic athlete

This book is not just visually striking, but it has practical lessons and discussion points for girls to connect with and talk through.

Jeanne Neilson, South African Actress

In the pages of Bold Bible Girls, I was introduced to a whole host of inspiring girls and women for my daughters to emulate.These discoveries were an utter delight! More than that, each chapter has valuable discussion points not only to work through with your daughter, but also to ponder and meditate on yourself. This is a wonderful resource in raising our daughters to be women of strength.

David Joannes, author of The Mind of a Missionary

Lauren paints beautiful portraits of Biblical women who overcame injustice, defeated fear, and transformed nations. She pens inspiration in plain terms, helping girls imagine themselves in God’s epic narrative.

Aletté- Johanni Winckler- Best Selling Children’s Book Author

What Lauren Jacobs did with the writing of this daily devotional for tween girls, is absolutely spectacular! Together with the unique illustrations, this book promises to be exactly what every girl in this age group needs.” 

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